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Author: Subject: Obama's Health Care Reform in 4 minutes
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[*] Post 389193 posted on 24-9-2009 at 17:09 Reply With Quote
Obama's Health Care Reform in 4 minutes

Read about it here

Granted not what most of you Brits want to read but I provide this as a service to the few Americans on the board.

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[*] Post 389230 posted on 25-9-2009 at 04:22 Reply With Quote

There are some problems with the description, mainly because it does not describe the actual legislation before the House or the Senate.

When Obama addressed both Houses of Congress, after Obama said it would not cover illegal aliens, one Congressman yelled, "You lie!" Those who didn't want a bill that would cover illegal aliens had tried to get it rewritten with language to explicitly exclude illegal aliens, but the Democrats would not allow it. After Obama promised that it would not cover them, the legislators changed the wording so that illegal aliens would be excluded. Why did they need to CHANGE it? Because Obama spoke falsely when he said it did not cover them. The Congressman apologized to the President because of his rudeness--but, when the bill had to be changed in order to exclude illegal aliens, it proved the Congressman was right in his criticism. Obama, on the other hand, twice accused his opponents of lying. But, he did not have to apologize. He does not have to follow rules set for others.

Offers a public health insurance option to provide the uninsured and those who can’t find affordable coverage with a real choice.
Several legislative leaders from both parties in the Senate have said no, there won't be a public option in the Senate's legislation, because there is not sufficient support. Overwhelming numbers of people in many states hate it, and strenuously object.

Protects Medicare for seniors.
The various versions in the legislature have a common element--they take large amounts of money OUT of Medicare. The non-partisan Congressional Budget Office recognizes this.

Won’t add a dime to the deficit and is paid for upfront.
This, from the guy who had to admit that the deficit would be $2 trillion more than he had projected earlier this year. This, from the man whose has supported more deficit spending than all the presidents before him, combined.shocked_yellowshocked_yellowshocked_yellow
When has any government program ever cost as little as its proponents said it would? Since every version of the program is massively expensive, when Obama says that it will not add to the deficit, he must balance the expense with massive tax increases.
Obama has denied this, but the language of the legislation refers to the tax on more expensive health insurance/health care programs as an excise tax.

How would Obama save money? He has said that people toward the end of their lives have too much money spent on them. In an unguarded moment, he said that a grandma whose life had been extended for several years with a pacemaker should perhaps have been given pain medicine instead. This was a particularly stupid statement, because pain medicine is not a treatment for people who have irregular heartbeat from time to time.

The government saves money in Medicare and Medicaid one of two ways:
1) Excluding medical care. I know of a doctor who needed to use a certain antibiotic to keep his Medicaid patients from getting an infection that would blind them. It was not on the list of medicines that Medicaid would pay for. A nurse told me that there are many procedures for which Medicaid will not pay.

2) Refusing to pay the full cost. Medicare is famous for paying doctors less than the real cost of procedures, with the result that doctors commonly reach a limit of how many Medicare patients they can handle. (They need to make a profit on some patients, to pay their huge malpractice insurance costs, to pay what they owe for their schooling, and to pay for their office space, equipment, and staff.)

An estimated 10% of Medicare costs are from criminal fraud.
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[*] Post 389234 posted on 25-9-2009 at 08:09 Reply With Quote

Well, it sounds good to me. I must admit I am quite bemused by the opposition to the idea.
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