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Author: Subject: Mother strikes a small child
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[*] Post 377806 posted on 26-5-2009 at 06:53 Reply With Quote
Mother strikes a small child

At a commercial camping facility, a lady in my group heard a mother strike her small child (perhaps age 3) and yell at him in anger for no apparent reason. This happened in the shower facility. (She was using vulgar language in scolding him for not dressing well and fast--even though he was trying.) The struck child was crying.

A friend of mine who saw this complained to the woman to stop, and telephoned for the police to come, hoping to save the child from being beaten. She also got some of the ladies with our camping group to be with her.

The mother, in turn, telephoned the police to come to her aid, claiming that she felt threatened.

I'll pause at this point in the events. What do you think happened? Do you think my friend should have spoken to the mother, or telephoned the police? What would you have done?
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[*] Post 377815 posted on 26-5-2009 at 12:59 Reply With Quote

Good grief, Scholar, you do throw them at us !

OK - firstly there is vast difference between a quick slap and a beating!

Secondly - I would not expect a three year old to dress himself unaided, and the place for him to learn/try is in his own home - not a public shower facility.

While I do not, and would never, condone 'beating' a child, I have been known to slap a leg if all else has failed, but not often and never very hard.

In my book there is never any excuse for vulgar language, it is completely unnecessary and only serves to inflame in a volatile situation.

Would I have called the police? If I believed that the child was in serious danger - then Yes, obviously I would, but for a Mum at the end of her tether, administering a slap? Not sure.
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[*] Post 377823 posted on 26-5-2009 at 14:30 Reply With Quote

From the situation you described, Scholar, calling the police seems a bit over the top. I'd be very suprised if they responded to the call. But in your description of the event, you say your friend heard the woman "strike" the child, which suggests that it was just a quick slap rather than a "beating".
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