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Author: Subject: I helped a student pastor with a computer problem today.
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[*] Post 374044 posted on 27-4-2009 at 03:30 Reply With Quote
I helped a student pastor with a computer problem today.

I was visiting his church today. At the end of the service, in the announcements, he said, "We need a computer software expert to help us. A couple of us spent five hours trying to get our bulk printer to print some church bulletins properly, but we couldn't make it work right. We finally used the little ink printer. If you know anyone who can help, let us know."

I spoke to him afterwards. "I'm a computer guy," I said.

(I know, Daz and others are roffle roffle roffle. It's relative--I can solve some problems, and I was willing to try.)

They were using MS Publishing, and could not get the pages to print as they wished for church bulletins. They could only print one page at a time, or they would not get the results they wanted.

I checked "print set-up" and found the "printer options" was grayed out (not available).

I opened the "Open Office" program, and found that the "printer options" were available there (e.g. to print only the right pages, or only the left pages. I have seen other programs call this only the odd pages and only the even pages.) This was the area they could not get to work right--the bulletins had several pages which required printing on both sides.

I suggested that, with the MS product not working properly, they could use OpenOffice instead. The pastor-intern said that the church has the original MS Office CD(s?) and could reinstall it--which I presume would also work, as I expect it would restore the "printer options" which were grayed out.

We did not have time to implement either solution, but I have confidence either will work.

I realize I am usually a bench-warmer here at KF :D, but I think I got it right. Now, you first-stringers are welcome to agree with me, or criticize me, or point out where I should have asked questions or looked into the system for more information.

Additional general information: The OS is XP, and MS Office is the 2003 version.

I told the pastor-intern that if he is not able to make the system print as he needs with OpenOffice or with a re-install, I would come back to his town and fix it by getting directions from some of the best computer experts in the world.greengrin
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[*] Post 374056 posted on 27-4-2009 at 08:15 Reply With Quote

Thats good Scholar !!......I dont have a clue about the problem but the important thing to me is that you were willing to offer your help and advice, you could have easily walked away and not got involved....Your actions shows that you are a good man, well done and I hope the problem with the printer is soon sorted.
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[*] Post 374070 posted on 27-4-2009 at 10:19 Reply With Quote

Well done, Scholar! dont you just love it when you really "CAN" help someone? Like when they ask you directions to somewhere you actually know?
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