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Author: Subject: Nimuae's Story


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[*] Post 371120 posted on 5-4-2009 at 08:46 Reply With Quote
Nimuae's Story


In the darkest reaches of the night
Nimuae tends her vigil fire alone
and sees again within its flames
the happy days that now are gone.
They were young then, she and her Lord,
and this forest was all their world.
They lived and loved there, unaware
of their fates to be unfurled.
Her gentle Lord awoke her heart,
taught her wisdom, truth, and love.
Lying sated in each others arms at
night they watched the stars above
and he would tell her endless tales
of how the zodiac was formed,
and of all the Gods that ruled the
sky, before the earth was born.

His loving soul touched her soul
as his kisses warmed her heart,
they truly believed they had forever,
that they never would be apart.
but, Queen Mab watched and envied,
her prowess was on the wane
and she hungered for Merlin's magic
to make her strong again.
So Mab turned upon this forest
and invoked a closing charm
if Merlin once should leave here
then he never could return.
Mab set King against King, she
raised a cruel and bitter, bloody war,
knowing that Merlin was bound
to go, to defend his King - Arthur.

Nimuae could have warned Merlin,
could have begged for him to stay,
but knew his King had need of him
so she watched him ride away.
With her heart in a thousand pieces
she watched him - out of sight,
and saved all her bitter tears
for the long and lonely night.
Never more to feel the gentle kiss
that used to start and end her day.
Never more the arms so strong and
warm that kept the world at bay.
Never more to wake within those
arms after nights in loves embrace,
and never more to hear his voice,
touch his lips, or see his face.

Mab thought to entrap Merlin,
once away from Nimuae's care,
to seduce him into using all
his magick powers for her.
But Merlin's heart was loyal
both to Nimuae and his King,
he turned his mighty will against
Mab and she vanished into nothing.
In the darkness of the forest
Nimuae tends her lonely vigil fire,
and hopes that Queen Mab's fall
will restore her hearts desire.
Now that Merlin's tasks are over,
with Mab, and his King both gone,
may he now return to Nimuae-
or does the malice linger on ?

(C) Nimuae 2009
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Absolute magic.

Regards the Bear
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Hi Nimuae, that was lovely, is that from the book ? I must admit I didnt fully understand it all, perhaps I need to know the characters more.
It did conjure up thoughts and dreams that I used to get when I lived at the Gamekeepers Cottage. When I had to go out and work in the dark I used to imagine that there were characters living and watching nearby, I used to hear strange sounds and see objects in the woods, it was of cause the animals ( I hope). I did get a scare one night when I definately heard voices and went to investigate, it was a young couple that had set up a wildcamp. I told them to keep quiet because if my Father heard them he would clear them off.....They were gone the next morning.
I will have to read your story again and try to get the essence of it a little clearer in my mind. The next time the library bus comes I will definately order a copy of King Arthur.
Thanks for that Nimuae, I enjoyed it very much.
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