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Author: Subject: America unmasked - KKK 2009
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[*] Post 366763 posted on 21-2-2009 at 15:33 Reply With Quote
America unmasked - KKK 2009

photo gallery - children particularly interesting

Those of you who live in America, would you say this group and other similar groups represent the minority ill-educated underclass or are they more pervasive than that?
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[*] Post 366779 posted on 21-2-2009 at 19:07 Reply With Quote

Oddly no.

I had originally thought this about the KKK, but that's before I'd had a long goosey at their website.

These people are not "ill educated", at least, the website folk aren't. They are literate, numerate and have research skills enough to trawl through the dirt for anything bad they can find about non-whites. Rather like Hitler's propoganda merchants, they know exactly how to leave out anything Good at all.
Hitler's Germany wasn't full of yokels ether, but not living in close proximity to that many other races, or "outed" homosexuals, or even a huglely obvious minority of jews...all the propogandists needed to do was to play on ANY negatives they could find in the experience of the German people. Or make up what they couldn't prove.

I think the same has happend with the members of the KKK. These folk aren't stupid or uneducated, just dangerously under-informed.
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[*] Post 366787 posted on 21-2-2009 at 19:30 Reply With Quote

A meeting of every Klan 'member' in the country could be - and probably is - held in the back of the Grand Wizard's pick up truck. Powerful imagery should not be confused with actual strength. The article estimates a Klan membership of 6,000 people, which is generous in the exreme. The Klan serves more as a source for cheap and easy sensationalist reporting than anything else.
Incidentally, the article fails to mention that every single 'governor and legislator' with Klan membership during it's heyday was a Democrat, including current longserving blowhard Senator Robert Byrd of West Virginia. The party of Obama was the exclusive home of those who would hate Obama.
from one of those who responded

It seems strange to me that most Americans with darker skin vote with the party that stood for slavery and then segregation, while the party which freed the slaves and then helped Johnson pass the civil rights legislation (against the resistance of many in his own party) get a relatively small percentage of their votes.
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