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Author: Subject: What a revolting development!!!!!
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[*] Post 366252 posted on 16-2-2009 at 04:12 Reply With Quote
What a revolting development!!!!!

As if all the other things I've had going on with my life, computer problems, case of the flu and a killer two weeks of meetings and school events to cover, I had THIS happen yesterday.

I have been trying to get ahold of my mother for over three weeks, since after the big ice storm down there.

First no answer, then the last two weeks I've been getting the "line disconnected" message.

I have been trying to contact my sister Beth, who lives across the Ohio River from my mom in Louisville. No answer there, either.

When I didn't get a Valentine's Day card from my mom, I KNEW something was up.

So I did what any well trained journalist would do.

I called the Clark County Hospital to see if they had her as a patient.

Yup, she'd been there for NINE DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Not a peep from my sister Beth on the subject. She didn't call my other sister who lives in southern Indiana, either.

According to my mom, she walked into a burglary in her apartment, was struck from behind, beaten, tied up and left on the floor of her apartment where she laid for over a day and a half!!!!!.

According to Beth's husband, that didn't happen. She fell, falling into the table in her apartment breaking the table and brusing her arm. She was only on the ground a "couple hours."

Well, my sister Peggy went down there today. She talked to the doctor. She has Pnumonia, a blood clot in one arm, super elvated white blood cell count, extensive brusining, a cut on her chin bad enough top require stitches, and three of her toenails were so long and ingrown that they had to remove them. She also has a "spot" on one kidney they found during the MRI that they will investigate once some of her other problems are taken care off.

The doctor also assured my sister my mom was on the ground longer than "a couple hours."

Beth wouldn't talk to Peggy to explain why we were NOT notified of the situation. She won't return phone calls to her cell from either of us.

I left a voice mail message with the chief of detectives of the Jeffersonville Police Department asking to be called Monday with information. My mom's doctor is supposed to call me tomorrow, too. Peggy and I have our hands tied because Beth has power of attorney, but we could break that with a lawyer or if we get Social Services involved and can prove elder abuse. Neglect would be a snap right now.

Our van can't make the 15 hour trip down there right now. It needs tranny work. We hope to get that done in the next two weeks.

Then you will bet I will be down there.

And unlike Peggy, I know where Beth lives.

I WILL get some answers.

Needless to say, us oldest two are not happy with the "third child" right now. Her son and his pregnant girlfriend are mixed up in this to their necks. I won't air my suspicions here, at least until I've been down there and done some "talking" to a few people.

This stinks worse than fresh manure on an August afternoon!

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[*] Post 366254 posted on 16-2-2009 at 04:37 Reply With Quote

A man's got to do what a man's got to do.

I hope your new employer is understanding and agreeable.

A suggestion--you might save some fuel expense by checking the gas prices at the various states in advance by computer. (Or, since it mainly goes by state tax, you might already know which states are likely to be cheapest.)

Good luck!
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[*] Post 366258 posted on 16-2-2009 at 05:50 Reply With Quote

Sure looks suspicious from what I have read, and there seems to be a lot of answers to be forthcoming from your sister. good luck and I hope your mum is getting better, jmb
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