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In memory of Karl Davis, founder of this board, who made his final journey 12th June 2007

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Author: Subject: The Mac-PC debate
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[*] Post 365874 posted on 12-2-2009 at 19:25 Reply With Quote
The Mac-PC debate


This article is a computer topic. (The web site addresses politics and government more often in its articles, but this one is not politics.)

Here's a pointed remark:
I hate to admit it, but many geeks are threatened by Macs in terms of job security. One of my brethren so much as admitted to me: "I hate Macs. If everyone had Macs, they wouldn't need me."

What do you think of the various points the author makes? Do you challenge any of them?:)
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[*] Post 365891 posted on 12-2-2009 at 22:59 Reply With Quote

Not read it, but the more popular the the item is, be it Internet Explorer as a web browser, or a PC it will be targeted. As Firefox becomes popular, and Opera, it will come under more and more attack. The same applies to Macs/Linux based stuff, currently it's in the minority, so not open to so many attacks....
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[*] Post 365925 posted on 13-2-2009 at 12:51 Reply With Quote

I actually worked for an Apple centre selling IBM PCs. As Daz has rightly observed, The idiots who target stuff only go for the big boys. Macs have their advantages, but, largely have been weeded out by competing PC based products which work as well, and are often cheaper. Had Jobs et al licensed their technology, way back when M$ was a boy, we'd all have pieces of fruit on our desks. The truth is, Apple is a proprietary product, a Proprietary OS, which means that Apple control every part of the development and distribution. That does not augur well for an economical product! With Intel and Windoze, every dog and his man was able to develop for it from day one, so, if you want to improve the video performance, all you needed to do was plug in a new card, with the Mac, take the thing to an Apple Centre and they may be able to upgrade you video card by selling you a new Mac. I don't think that much has changed on that front.

As a small niggle, how Mac users manage without a second, or third mouse button is beyond me! I had a Mac on my desk for about two years before our in house accounting system was ported to Windoze.
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