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Author: Subject: A story of dolls
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[*] Post 363853 posted on 26-1-2009 at 23:46 Reply With Quote
A story of dolls

This is a true story about Lee Middleton dolls sold at F.A.O. Schwartz.

The dolls were kept in a nursery (like a hospital nursery), and three toy actresses were paid to play the role of nurses. When a doll was to be adopted by a little girl, she would go through an adoption interview.
"Do you promise to love and take care of the baby?"
"Do you promise to read to the baby?"
"Do you promise to feed the baby and change the baby's diaper?"
"What do you want to name the baby?"
At the last, the baby's name was put on the wristband and on the adoption papers. Adult Mother had to pay the adoption fee.

The dolls were very life-like, with life-like weights in the doll's head and body.

One baby was always the first handled by the actresses when there were no customers. It had the wrong weight in the head, and his fingers were melted together, like flippers. If you set him down, his head would flop back and the flippers would thrust up--if not carefully posed, he looked like a freak monster-baby.

As I heard the story, a popular TV program had scenes in the store, and there was a crush of customers after that. All the nurses spent all day going through adoptions as fast as possible. Before long, all the caucasian babies were sold out, and no more could be had in time for Christmas.

After this, time after time, mothers would ask for a white baby, but was told the store had none. Eventually, all of the asian and hispanic babies were sold as well.

One adult mother, told there were no white babies left, insisted on buying the freak flipper baby. In the adoption interview, the unhappy little girl answered the adoption questions, "No," which had never happened before. No, she wouldn't love and take care of the baby. No, she wouldn't feed the baby, etc. This had never happened before.

These dolls cost over $100. It's a wonder that the adult mother would buy one that her daughter didn't want.

It is perhaps more of a wonder that so many adult mothers didn't want their girl to have a dark-skinned babydoll.:(:(

Thoughts? Comments?
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[*] Post 363935 posted on 27-1-2009 at 20:08 Reply With Quote

Some of those dolls are beautiful and very lifelike. If I had some mad money to spend... I would like one. :)
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[*] Post 363936 posted on 27-1-2009 at 20:29 Reply With Quote

Really Shywitch? I was forced to stop playing with dolls when I got to about 11 so it would seem odd to me for me to want one as an adult.

Obviously if the story is correct scholar the people involved aren't very forward thinking. If we want to see others as equals childplay would be one good way to start
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