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Author: Subject: Windows 7-First impressions.
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[*] Post 363588 posted on 23-1-2009 at 20:51 Reply With Quote
Windows 7-First impressions.

First, the bad thing.

The install somewhat tramples all over XP, even if it's on a different drive.

Quite how that'll affect things when 7 gets blatted, one can only guess, at the moment. Feedback has been sent.

Good things...

That bloody awful UAC thing's been improved, insofar as turning the damned thing off is dead simple. It has a few varied settings, a bit like the "Trusted zones" thingy, in IE.

Opera, naturally, works, as it should, even though it's not been installed. I just use it from the other drive and all's kewl.

IE is v8, which seems quite buggy, still.

Mind you, so does IE 7...

Those apart, it does, actually, seem faster than Vista. The install was a doddle (XP-trampling aside).

More as I fiddle.

If anyone else is fiddling with 7, feel free to join in.

Oh, yeah...

It seems to have trashed my soundcard, which won't, now, work. Even with XP...

I fixed the trampling of the XP drive, thus (In case anyone else suffers this):

Boot from the XP install CD. When you get to the option "Press R to go to the recovery console", do that.

At the ensuing DOS prompt, enter "fixboot".

You'll be asked which drive/partition you want to fix. Select the one you have XP on.

When that's done, enter "fixmbr".

Similar procedure as above.

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[*] Post 363645 posted on 24-1-2009 at 10:35 Reply With Quote

Been using Windows 7 for the last few weeks. My own impressions are positive and no real issues so far other than Bridge thumbnails go wonky and other gfx corruption issues.

Speed wise it's definitely faster than Vista but not amazingly so, but it's noticeable. Memory management is definitely better (it consumed slightly less memory when editing a 3.5Gb image).

W7 Vs XP. W7 handles modern technology a lot better than XP does namely Bluetooth and GPS systems, the colour management utility is definitely a bonus but it's no real replacement for a true puck/software.

Taskbar is going to take a bit of getting used to but the dual screen handling is definitely better than XP especially if you're using different sized screens.

Screen resolution is as good as Vista, but HDMI is definitely a marked improved with W7 detecting a HDMI screen out of the box and setting the resolution correctly (XP wouldn't handle this screen and Vista would produce jaggies/corruption).

I did a body swerve on IE and installed Opera.

Also I'm using the 64Bit version which compared to Vista installed a lot quicker and produced a more refined experience. UAC is much improved with the abilitiy to set 4 modes of your choice.

It's also playing nicely with SAMBA and Windows 2008, ironically it was 2k8 server network shares that caused the most grief!

I also installed the Isle of Lewis theme... Something that's so much easier.

Overall for a beta I give it 8 out of 10.
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[*] Post 363665 posted on 24-1-2009 at 11:41 Reply With Quote

Taskbar is going to take a bit of getting used to

I'm just getting used to how Vista has changed everything, just 'cause it could, and now you're telling me that W7 is going to change things even more??? Should I recommend new users to start with Vista or XP? If there is going to be another steep learning curve in a year or so time when W7 finally hits the streets, I think I'll tell them all to stick with XP if Vista is going to be another Windoze Missed Edition, which never really got accepted because XP came out so soon after and was soooo much better!
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