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Author: Subject: Too much team pride
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[*] Post 346760 posted on 25-8-2008 at 03:53 Reply With Quote
Too much team pride

I regret the poor sportsmanship that one of the women who competed in the shorter baton relay showed. She ran forward without grasping the baton, and it fell.

Accidents can happen, and I understand the US relay teams do not practice as much as some other relay teams. Some nations pick their four athletes weeks or more in advance and practice the relay, over and over, with the same people in the same legs, getting down the transfer.

Unfortunately, the lady who did not grasp the baton insisted that the American team was the best team out there.

No, it wasn't. If the task includes three baton transfers, and most of the other teams accomplish them, but the American team doesn't, it is NOT the best team out there. It might consist of the fastest runners (I don't know that this was true, but she thought so)--but the best team must do all that the rules require, including the transfers.

I saw other American athletes who made mistakes, even major mistakes, without showing such poor sportsmanship. If the other team does better, be gracious in acknowledging that--for that day--they are the better team.

P.S. When she reached back for the baton, she did not make a C with her hand, as you are supposed to do. She kept it flat, and thus was not in a good grasping position.:(
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[*] Post 346767 posted on 25-8-2008 at 07:19 Reply With Quote

There were a few bad sportsmanship incidents in the games this year.
Your incident was mild to some.
One was a kickboxer type sport I think, where the loser smacked the referee.
Another was the bronze medal winner (Russian I believe ) who threw his medal on the floor in disgust, both were banned for life from the olympics as far as I know.
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[*] Post 346768 posted on 25-8-2008 at 07:45 Reply With Quote

Originally posted by Dreamweaver
One was a kickboxer type sport I think, where the loser smacked the referee.

In the show that was broadcast from London on Sunday a group of young lads were asked what sport they enjoyed the most, one lad replied that he enjoyed that sport because one of the contestants kicked the referee.

What does that say about the youth of today and our prospects for 2012

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