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Author: Subject: 50,000 women leaving the church annually as it is "irrelevant"
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[*] Post 346583 posted on 23-8-2008 at 20:27 Reply With Quote
50,000 women leaving the church annually as it is "irrelevant"

Women turning to wicca and leaving the church as they see the church as irrelevant and old fashioned. Buffy type programmes seem to be partially responsble? confused2

If you were raised Christian but have moved away from the church what was the biggest influence in you reaching this decision?
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[*] Post 346589 posted on 23-8-2008 at 21:05 Reply With Quote

If anything I think it was my ability to think as a free agent.

I got tired of trying to think what God would want also what my parent's would need from me.
I think my parent's actually preferred the "new" me.

I didn't have the luxury of new religions in this area. Cof E. Catholic or Jehovahs Witness being the main three. I tried JW at 14- 16 years old and found their ways to be "odd" to my way of thinking. Catholicism seemed full of penance and guilt ridden members( no offence meant I was a teenager at the time.)
So I spent years of thinking I wasn't any religion in particular, only putting CofE when required on a document or form.

FAO Janet,

Do you remember that link that asked you questions and it determined you "mind" stance in religion? I would love to try that again and see how it turns out....
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[*] Post 346597 posted on 23-8-2008 at 21:57 Reply With Quote

What in heaven's name is a Wikka?

The religion/belief system (let's not have that debate) is Wicca, or Wica (as the founder spelled it).

And the fact that new religious movements are growing isn't really news - sociologists have known it for years.

If I were a Wiccan - which I'm not - I'd be *really* annoyed at the idea that people were joining because of Buffy. It may be true but it'd still annoy me. It's the only religion that the UK has ever given the world - it's roots are quintessentially British. (1)

"Ms Rees told The Daily Telegraph: "What this research reveals is that a lot of people are put off by traditional stances and attitudes. We still have a long way to go before women, particularly young women, feel as included in the church as men do. "


IME, and that of my students through 30 years of teaching, the one group who really felt that there was no place for them in the churches was middle aged single men.

As for having women as bishops as a panacea? Not really...

Dot, as for that link - I vaguely remember it but it was no more accurate than anything else. :}

I don't know Dr. Aune, or her work, and I assume this is a press treatment of a much more substantial piece of work - but when it comes down to it, I have to say I'd look at Alder's work or Magliocco's, when it comes to women joining NRM.... Alder's is dated now, but still...

(1)The pedant in me requires that I edit this to say that yes, I know that the Charge has its basis in an "Italian" document - but the provenance of that document is still under dispute, it was made public by an Englishman and the Charge as we know it today is very much stamped with the minds of Gardner and Valiente - both from the UK. /pedant.
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