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Author: Subject: Prayer as a weapon
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[*] Post 344227 posted on 1-8-2008 at 11:36 Reply With Quote
Prayer as a weapon

No, not spiritual warfare...

But rather, prayer USED as a weapon against other people.

It's something I've discussed with students time and again - and once the subject was broached, the floodgates always opened.

What do I mean?

Prayers that basically amount to: "Dear God, let this person agree with me".

Prayers that amount to: "Dear God, let this person do what we thing s/he should, not what they want to do."

Prayers that say, "Dear God, this person doesn't really believe, make them believe"

(All of the above, said out loud, in groups, where the "person" was there and could hear).

Discussions of prayer that amount to, "If you prayed hard enough...
you wouldn't be in pain
something horrible wouldn't have happened
you'd be healed
you wouldn't be in debt

All of these are examples that people I know have experienced.

I don't think these are isolated instances, either...

What do you think?
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[*] Post 344237 posted on 1-8-2008 at 11:54 Reply With Quote

It's not been my experience tbh. We tend to pray internally so if people were praying for me I wouldn't hear them anyway.
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[*] Post 344239 posted on 1-8-2008 at 12:02 Reply With Quote

I have wished that someone would die, as I hate them so much.

I have wished that someone would NOT be a certain way and change their way of thinking or a decision which I disagree with strongly.

I have wished that something wouldn't change like when they changed Cadbury's chocolate :( and made it a darker taste.

I have wished that a certain girl would want me and be with me, but no wishing or praying would change that.

I could go on.

Wishing or Praying is pretty much the same....I guess?
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