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Author: Subject: My newly burned Debian / Gentoo DVD not booting.
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[*] Post 340925 posted on 29-6-2008 at 00:06 Reply With Quote
My newly burned Debian / Gentoo DVD not booting.


I've recently downloaded both Gentoo, and Debian Linux distros.

However, I've burned 3 different dvd's with different approaches, I have used the builtin burner in Windows Vista, where i just dragged/dropped the files from the ISO, I've used Nero burner with "Data DVD -> Data files" and the Backup pane with Burn Image to DVD. none wants to boot, altho there is boot folders on both the distros.

All DVD's have boot, tools, etcetc in top directory of the DVD. still, no reaction from the computer when re-booting with the hopes of a clean install.

I've tried every setting in the Boot Sequence pane of my BIOS.

Currently there is installed a version of Windows XP on the comp. I'm trying to get linux on.

The odd part from my side, is that the computer accepts a Windows Vista dvd, but not my linux Dvd's.

My other desktop computer, running Win. Vista, accepts my burned linux DVD's, all together.

Tried resetting BiOS to factory settings, and tried all reset approaches I could think of.

Read a sticky here, so i removed all non-essential hardware, as extra rams, HDD's, cd roms etc. still only apccepting my Vista DVD.

Any help would be extremely appreciated, alltho i think the comp is madly in love with Windows.

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[*] Post 340941 posted on 29-6-2008 at 05:48 Reply With Quote

Hello, Finken

Welcome to the forum.

It appears that you are not buring it right.

If you have an iso image of the linux distro then "Data DVD -> Data files" is not your option.

You have to burn the image of iso onto ur dvd.

In nero go to advanced options and find the option of burn image to disc, it will then ask for the location of your iso files. Direct it to the folder where you have placed the iso file. If you cant see it, change file type to all files.

Once you burn that it will boot without any problem
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[*] Post 340942 posted on 29-6-2008 at 05:50 Reply With Quote

welcome on b0ard Finken, first thing first you pc is vista gay :D
from what you have described i suspect you DVD has had it (wear and tear) the laser beam is not as strong as it should be, (as katzy says treat your dvd with some blue pills),
however this is what i would do
i go to jumper setting and clear the CSMOS then when pc boots in the bios i make sure the first boot is with DVD rom then click save and exit then put the linux in the dvd drive and hope it works. if it does not then how about changing the suspected dvd with the other dvd in the other pc that you have.

if you have cd rom ?? how about burning those on cd and not dvd and then see if works (first boot must be cd rom) cd require much less laser beam for burning than dvd good luck
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