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Author: Subject: Polygamous families and underage sex problem.
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[*] Post 332791 posted on 25-4-2008 at 15:05 Reply With Quote
Polygamous families and underage sex problem.

April 15 article

April 23

April 25

The head of this group is in jail in connection with statutory rape.

Officials came into the community when they received a phone call from a female who claimed to have been under the age of consent and forced to marry and have sex with an older man. Since then, that phone call appears to have been a hoax, but several females who experienced similar events (but, not the same name as the caller gave) have been found.

DNA tests have been ordered to try to figure out who is really related to whom. The people involved sometimes change their stories, including even giving different names and ages.

The authorities are making decisions that are extremely painful in separating members of families, but the authorities fear the pattern of older men having multiple wives/sex partners (including coercively with young people under the legal age of consent) will continue if drastic action is not taken.

I initially thought to post this in Discussion as a news item, but I anticipate there may be some ethics comments here. This group is in the nature of a sect or cult, in that it broke off from the Mormons, closely following certain leaders who exerted great influence/control over their followers.
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[*] Post 332792 posted on 25-4-2008 at 15:17 Reply With Quote

Ah, scholar.

Ok, I dont have a problem, per se, with people having sex below the age of consent decided by western society. Although I do have a problem with sex between pre-pubescent children and "adults".

I dont really have a problem with the concept of incest in itself as defined by western society although the thought of sex between parent and child makes me squirm a bit.

We do impose our own taboos to a large extent. The real problem, is when people are forced to do things they would not want to do otherwise.

Other cultures and societies have different values and taboos and may accept this type of behaviour quite readily and it would be wrong to judge those societies by western values.

Now, if everyone here is pubescent and wholly at ease with what is going on, then that should be taken into account. The fact that this is all being done in the name of religion is interesting though.

If you believe that people have the right to worship in their own way, then I'm interested to hear how this could be condemned but other beliefs and behaviour be accepted because it fits in with the beliefs that same person holds themselves.
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[*] Post 332797 posted on 25-4-2008 at 15:50 Reply With Quote

Ah, I do have a problem with very young people having sex with/marrying much older people. By very young I would mean under 16s because I've never met any 16 year old who knows absolutely what / who they want.

My neice married a 40 year old when she was 13. I was physically sick when I heard. Lovely girl and she wasn't forced into it. Her mother was widowed though and this man could provide. At least she was the only wife but she had her first baby at under 14 which can't really be right can it?
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