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Author: Subject: infinity/eternity
John Barnes
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[*] Post 329592 posted on 9-4-2008 at 21:03 Reply With Quote

I don't know if this is still prevalent but when I was lad I was taught that if I missed mass at the church on a Sunday a mortal sin was marked onto my soul and if I died with this mark on the soul I would burn for eternity/infinity in hells everlasting fire . now that scientists have theorised that the end of our universe will come about due to entropy billions of years in the future due to the red shift does this mean that because eternity ends my sentence in Hell will be finished / it seems slightly biased that because I missed a1 hour service on a certain Sunday that I would be condemned to approximately a 100 billion years of being burnt, and is this still the ongoing thought, who first formulated this fact? or is it a fact? or just another theory as taught by the Church authorities that I was baptised into by no fault of my own, maybe one or two of our theologians can answer my query, you see I spent all my school years educated into the faith and even though now a lapsed participant of this religion it has left its indelible mark on my thinking, I think it was a rule by the fear factor and nothing to do with the the eternal love as taught by Jesus Christ, or am I totally wrong/jmbconfused2
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[*] Post 329595 posted on 9-4-2008 at 22:04 Reply With Quote

I've never heard of such a thing. What "Church" did you attend?
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John, do you still think of history the way you did as a child? Of sport, of politics?

Almost certainly not... and if you were still a practising member of a religion, I doubt you would still have a child's view of any part of it.

I can only speak from the point of view of RCC theology - but a mortal sin is one that is serious, willed (eg, you have to will to do the act), and that you know is serious (you can't commit a mortal sin by mistake).

When I've worked with students through these issues, we've questioned whether or not a soul can experience pain, or if we have our bodies with us in heaven/hell, and whether or not there *is* time for us once we are dead...

I'm not going to suggest answers to these for you - I raise these as issues to be considered.
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