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Author: Subject: Exchange student from America to Egypt--extreme weight loss
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[*] Post 324265 posted on 6-3-2008 at 23:05 Reply With Quote
Exchange student from America to Egypt--extreme weight loss

Here is the wire-press story.
The 17-year-old lost weight, from 155 to 97 pounds, and claims he was starved by the Coptic Christian host family who fast 200 days a year.

Here is a reaction comment from topic.com:
This article is extremely offensive to me, a Coptic Orthodox Christian, raised and educated in the United States. It portrays our Christianity as extreme and cult-like. I am very skeptical of the integrity of this young man's accusation and if there is any truth to it then this Egyptian family is by no means a representative sample of Coptic Christians. When we fast, we do not deprive ourselves of food entirely, we simply cut out dairy and meat products from our diet. During the fast for advent, we can eat fish and other seafood. As Christians, we know that God does not want His children to starve. If anything, we follow the Apostle Paul's example of disciplining our bodies to partake in fellowship with Christ, our King and Saviour.
This article is ridiculous and if it were not a life-threatening matter, it would seem amusing to any Coptic Orthodox Christian. If a credible news source such as ABC News is going to print an article with heinous and destructive accusations such as this, then they should do their homework and find out the truth about Coptic Orthodox Christianity. The purpose of the news should be to spread knowledge, not promote ignorance.

Other responses from Coptic Christians agreed that their practices would not account for such weight loss--either something is falsely reported, or omitted, or the family was not following typical Coptic practice.

it says he's been there for 4 months, which means he probably went through the 40 days fast of the Nativity, and that's it.
from coptichymns.net

Does anyone have any information to contribute?
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Originally posted by scholar

Does anyone haev any information to contribute?

Other than to suggest that you use a reliable spell checker, no. waveysmiley
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What did he expect? Maccy D's?
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