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Author: Subject: Deserving our stuff.
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[*] Post 323339 posted on 2-3-2008 at 13:55 Reply With Quote
Deserving our stuff.

I'm posting this in RSE because of the Ethical context of the question, I understand religion will come into this but I would love to see a broader discussion too!

I've been chatting with my J about Footballers, Authours, Rock Stars, Dancers etc. People who's carrers mean they do what they love, for the enjoyment of others AND get paid more than we dream of. If I could do it I would and fair play to those who can!

Then we chatted briefly about "If we ever needed a nanny". I said it was highly unlikely I'd hire one for my future children, even if we DID need the money. Now, I'm not slating Nannys, who only do their job because they love, care and nurture.
Nor am I slating parents who's constraints and pressures lead them to Hire a Nanny. (After all, My J was sent to Boarding School to be settled instead of dragged around RAF bases).

What It made me think is this. I was raised happily. I spent time with my parents, and I was warm and fed. We were not all that well off but I can't say I've felt hard done to. My parents worked hard for us, and if they had higher paid , higher pressure jobs we'd probably have had a) More expensive stuff and b) Less time with eachother.

At what point does having more money lead to "deserving" what you have, and deserving to KEEP what you have? (Even if you aren't always around f'r example)

Do we feel guilty for keeping the Jaguar *instead of buying a nice reliable cute little Skoda, when things get a bit shakey with the Finances?

I'm not moralising, coz I've got a book addiction and J has a Movie and Playstation game addiction. We've all got "stuff" we feel we somehow deserve to keep.

*My dream car! SOO pretty.
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[*] Post 323383 posted on 2-3-2008 at 22:27 Reply With Quote

I see this on more than one level. In one sense, I don't deserve anything. Anything I do, I just have the good fortune of being able to do it because of a complete body (which I didn't earn) and a great mind (which I did not originally make, either). I am grateful for everything God has given me, whether directly as a gift or indirectly because He has made me able to work for things.

In another sense, I've earned everything that has come to me because of payment for my work. There is no wrong in me having nice things, or in other people having better things than I if their work has earned it for them.

It can still happen that, even if I've earned something, I may be the better person for giving it away, if I see someone else in genuine need.:)
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[*] Post 323385 posted on 2-3-2008 at 22:35 Reply With Quote

I gave up work when I had my daughter. I had some savings and when they were gone I went back to work on a very part time basis. We really struggled financially - food or mortgage payment decisions sometimes - and I only managed to get back to work full time when she was about 7. My job then meant that I could get home when she was getting in from school and my parents did the walking to and from school bit for me to make sure she was safe.

I made a conscious decision that being there was more important than having stuff, holidays etc. We have a very good relationship now which may or may not be as a result of what felt quite a sacrifice at the time.
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