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Author: Subject: Plagiarism
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[*] Post 321581 posted on 19-2-2008 at 20:54 Reply With Quote

I was moved to bring up this question by an accusation which has been part of the Democrat Presidential contest, but the question can be posted in more general terms.

http://www.townhall.com/blog/ has some articles about it, which keep moving down the page as other articles are added.

Hillary has accused Obama of plagiarism, because parts of his speeches are word-for-word the same as those of a Democrat governor, and Obama has used them without attribution. He has responded by saying that they are friends and they often "share ideas." I've read that at least one video has indeed been found in which Obama has said something that the governor later said in another speech.

Hillary's point seems to be, not only that Obama plagiarized, but that his inspiring oratory is fake, because it wasn't even originally his. He has no real accomplishments (no laws passed, no executive experience), and even his words are borrowed.

One of the writers at townhall says that Hillary's general point might be true, but it's weak, because all candidates have speech writers. Their words are not their own, originally. With regard to the charge of plagiarism, he thinks the key element is whether the words are stolen (without the writer's knowledge or agreement), or whether the first to use them is willing to let Obama use them. If consent of the "owner" of the words is the standard, Obama is OK--the governor supports him and is happy to be copies.

What do you think? Is it plagiarism, because attribution was not given? Or is it fine, because of the consent of the first to say them?

Would it be different in another context?
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[*] Post 321590 posted on 19-2-2008 at 21:26 Reply With Quote

This seems to be yet another political question connected with the US elections..........................
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[*] Post 321598 posted on 19-2-2008 at 21:38 Reply With Quote

As long as the debate is about plagiarism in general Scholar Has a point.

If he had to keep saying To quote Joe Blogs every time I think you would get pretty fed up and if he really meant what he was saying then i cannot see anything wrong if it were in print then that would be a different matter.
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