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Author: Subject: New PC Build ( 32 bit Vs 64 bit)
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[*] Post 320194 posted on 11-2-2008 at 00:29 Reply With Quote
New PC Build ( 32 bit Vs 64 bit)

I am in the process of gathering requirements to build a decent machine for my home office. I would like all the advice I can get. Its been a few years since I have built a machine and so much has changed and I'm not much of a Hardware person either.

This is what I would be running on the machine :

- two database servers (Oracle and SQL server)
- Oracle App server for some Oracle BI apps
- Some other ETL App servers

All of this is pretty RAM intensive especially if they are running concurrently on the same box

The more the RAM, the better, which leads me to my question : I would like to go with 64 bit Processor with a 64-bit OS, but this is a home office machine and will have a profile setup for Home Use as well.

- What are the pitfalls of using a 64 bit system in a home environment.
- The only reason for me to go to a 64 bit architecture is so I could get to use more RAM. Can i do that with only moving the OS to 64-bit or is ther a way to stack more RAM(>3 Gig) onto a 32-bit setup

I'm hoping that through this topic I would be able to answer this question with the experts help on this forum and collectively come up with a complete setup.

I am open to any suggestions as well as mine being shot down as well.

Things I had in Mind :
- Quad Core Processing
(Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 Kentsfield 2.4GHz)
- Good Strong Motherboard (won't be overclocking)
(Abit AB9 QuadGT LGA 775 Intel P965 )
- Gigabit LAN (Onboard I guess)
- Wireless N
- 256 MB Graphics Card ( PCI express) - dual monitor support
(EVGA 256-P2-N751-TR GeForce 8600GT )
- 2 X 320 Gig SATA HDD (Maybe some sort of RAid Setup)
- DVD writer obviously
- 4 Gigs of RAM ideally

I had some specifics saved in my wishlist on Newegg, but seemed to have lost them. I will update the post later with specifics I had.

I'll being do some research on google as well and I'll post what I find....

Thanks in advance
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[*] Post 320198 posted on 11-2-2008 at 04:05 Reply With Quote

AFAIK, to maximise the RAM abilities, you will have to go 64bit...

That said, I've tried both XP x64 and Vista x64, and mostly, I didn't have too many problems. XP x64 did have a few issues with drivers and certain programs, but overall, for me, it was fine.

As I'm only on 2gb RAM currently though, moving to an x64 setup isn't really going to make a major difference for me, so I'm staying XP x32 for now.... ;)

Your hardware looks ok at first glance, BUT(!) I would go for an x35 chipset Mobo instead of the one you have mentioned above... It's a much better choice, and is the king currently. (x38 chipset boards don't seem to be worth the extra expense the new chipset brings, at the mo' anyway. Most people seem to say a decent x35 board is just as good, and in some cases, better.)

I've just upgraded myself, using an x35 board, and the Q6600 chip. Excellent bit of kit, and I'm happy! smokin:

Don't forget to get yourself a quality PSU to run everything. Don't skimp on that...! I bought a Corsair HX520.

Good luck. kewl_glasses
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[*] Post 320203 posted on 11-2-2008 at 06:40 Reply With Quote

Wot Daz said.............I believe XP gets wobbly over 3GB of memory, but Vista can use all the memory your board can take.
Only tried XP and Vista X64 once, and had problems with some drivers, but my setup is for gaming, and your use is different so it may be better for you,
You didn't mention what PSU you intend using...........don't skimp on it, or else you will be heading for problems with that nice kit.
The choice Daz mentioned is excellent, and another would be a Thermaltake Toughpower, for starters.smokin:
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