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Author: Subject: Canadian scientists hold sun, not human activity, consequential for climate temperature
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[*] Post 319932 posted on 9-2-2008 at 14:27 Reply With Quote
Canadian scientists hold sun, not human activity, consequential for climate temperature

Here is the article
"For instance, researchers at the Max Planck Institute for Solar Research in Germany report the sun has been burning more brightly over the last 60 years, accounting for the 1 degree Celsius increase in Earth's temperature over the last 100 years."

There is concern as to the possibility that a Maunder Minimum may happen again.

"This solar hibernation corresponded with a period of bitter cold that began around 1650 and lasted, with intermittent spikes of warming, until 1715. Frigid winters and cold summers during that period led to massive crop failures, famine and death in Northern Europe."

If this natural cyclical event were to happen, we'll all wish we COULD warm up the earth by burning fuel.
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[*] Post 320075 posted on 10-2-2008 at 09:33 Reply With Quote

To me, this does sound reasonable. How scientists account for global variances prior to the industrial age would more easily fit this scenario than any other. It could also give us a better understanding of our "future". This Theory must needs be tested to see if it can passed into "Law".
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[*] Post 320093 posted on 10-2-2008 at 11:03 Reply With Quote

But it still doesn't answer the question as to what is actually happening to all the 'greenhouse' gases.
We know we are producing them, no-one argues that.
We know that they produce a greenhouse effect, no-one argues that.
We know that the climate shows that that effect is happening, no-one argues that.
We know that the rate of change has never been so steep, no-one argues that.
We also know that natural conditionms also reproduce these effects, no-one argues that.

So if we take, to be simplistic, the atmosphere to be a basket of apples, the apples that are being added to it by man's input must be having an effect. To suggest that they are not suggests that all of the other research, both for and against man's input, is valueless as it can only mean that those 'greenhouse' ingredients aren't actually causing the 'greenhouse' effect; so all the advocates of a natural cycle, a man made cycle or a bit of both must be wrong.
I would suggest that that is an unreasonable hypothesis as all the research done shows that 'greenhouse' gases do cause the 'greenhouse' effect, so we are producing greenhouse gases, therefore we must be contributing to the overall effect. It doesn't really matter what happened before as the situation we are currently in has never occurred before.

Now the other arguments fall into a different category, are the iniquitous governments around the world using the 'greenhouse' effect to raise taxes for them to be wealthier, are the capitalist lackeys denying the effect in order that they may be wealthier, are the puritans just trying to find more ways to spoil our fun, are the selfish nimby's happy to drive their way to perdition and leave our children to face a dreadful future......

These are the 'real' arguments and it is down to those who support one side or the other to state their case.
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