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In memory of Karl Davis, founder of this board, who made his final journey 12th June 2007

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Author: Subject: Great opportunity or NOT?
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[*] Post 318663 posted on 30-1-2008 at 04:03 Reply With Quote
Great opportunity or NOT?

For reasons of needing some time to calm the jitters of driving 30 miles in a blizzard on an unplowed road (don't ask), I found myself in a pawn shop today.

Found a Gateway laptop there they want $399 for, and would be willing to take payments on it.

It has a 1.5 Gig Centrino processor and a nice 50 GB hard drive.

The problem is the RAM, it has on 156 K, which is way below what I'd need to run PhotoShop Elements 6 on it. (It has XP as it's OS)

I forgot to write the rest of the info I'd need to check the Gateway website to see how much this would take as Max RAM. I'd need at least 1 GB preferably 2.

Everything else on it is great, DVD/CD-ROM reader/burner, wireless Internet card built in and a slot for my CF card reader card.

At the price of RAM nowdays, I think this would be a bargain IF it could be upped in RAM to a useable number. (I would also have to uninstall a bunch of programs that are on it now, which wouldn't be a biggie to me.)

What's everyone's thoughts on this? Should I pursue it further (I go by this Pawn Shop everyday while taking Jackie to and from work) or run away as fast as I can? This would primarily be used for ONSITE viewing of photos taken at sporting events and concerts.

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[*] Post 318674 posted on 30-1-2008 at 06:39 Reply With Quote

Perhaps revisit the shop, take another look at the laptop and get the model number etc, check online to see whether a memory upgrade is possible ?
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[*] Post 318677 posted on 30-1-2008 at 09:23 Reply With Quote

Hi Redwolf and Wilbur,

I dont know for sure, but I've got a feeling it may be possible to add stuff externally.

The problem with laptops is they are amazingly compact. I doubt there is a lot of room to stick normal things in like memory chips and stuff. I know you can get other things like external sound cards and disc drives so it may be worth asking if there is anyway to increase the RAM in the same way.

Having said that, I dont know the cost of Laptops in the US, we sort of imagine that they give them away over there. For 399 you'd get something pretty reasonable over here now days and we are much dearer than the states.
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