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Author: Subject: Bear's eye problem
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[*] Post 315366 posted on 9-1-2008 at 00:39 Reply With Quote
Bear's eye problem

Bear was scheduled for eye surgery tomorrow where they cut into the cornea and remove a deep layer of the ulcer from his eye.
I had made the initial appointment with the ophthalmologist weeks ago when his eye looked nearly as bad as the attached image.
In the meantime his eye has improved immensely to the point where he does not rub at it any more, the third eyelid is not up all the time, it isn't runny and he doesn't grit his teeth when I clean it - the ulcer is much smaller and the cornea is nearly all smooth again.
It actually was much improved when the specialist vet saw him but he still recommended the surgery or a less invasive one for only $600.00 but that one only had a 90% success rate - the $1600.00 one had a 100% success rate.
During the time between the vet visit and the appointment for tomorrow a friends husband had eye surgery.
She told me he was in excruciating pain from it. People get tons of painkillers but the poor critters they basically let "tough it out".
Bear has had so much pain in his 8 years having had to recover from two major surgeries already on his hips plus he has elbow dysplasia.
I cancelled it, I just could not do this to him now. I have to see if he can get better on his own - I have ordered some herbal supplements and eyewash that are being specially formulated for him from a place in Australia that I have used before.
I know that Scholar and the Bear and a lot of our friends from online that know and love Bear are all praying for him and sending him healing thoughts. I truly believe that it's working and you would too if you could see the difference in his eye now from how it did look.
If it does not get completely better of course we will then decide for surgery.
All prayers, positive and healing thoughts for Bear's recovery without the surgery will be much appreciated.
He is a dear, sweet, good, happy boy despite his pain.
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[*] Post 315470 posted on 9-1-2008 at 21:09 Reply With Quote

It's never easy to to make decisions for your pets, I know that from experience.
You surprise me when you say animals don't get pain relief.
They do over here. It isn't that expensive for the tablets, the expense comes when they use equipment and of course the consultation fees.

I hope Bear's eye continues to improve, hopefully he has turned it around :)
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[*] Post 315473 posted on 9-1-2008 at 21:20 Reply With Quote

I am praying for Bear right now, even as I type. ;)
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