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Author: Subject: Car Parking Wars
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[*] Post 313294 posted on 23-12-2007 at 11:20 Reply With Quote
Car Parking Wars

The avenue I live is quite tiny and parking is tight, normally about 25-30 cars in an avenue of terraces that has 13 houses(without a drive or run in).
This was fine while I had our small car, when I got the bigger car I decided to forego my space at the front door and park in the next street which is much, much bigger.
My back door leads into this street so it wasn't a problem, I fitted a yale lock on the gate so I use the rear gate as my entrance now.

The problem started yesterday when a neighbour in my avenue knocked on my door , apparently I had "stolen" her daughters parking space.
To be honest I was taken aback, stunned almost, so I placated the woman, until I know the score and assessed the situation.
I checked the daughters car our (a renault clio) no disable stickers, not a large car etc.
I started to feel a touch angry that someone would think because they had "been around here" 8 years longer than I,that it gives them the right to dictate where I couldn't park my car.

I have decided (wisely or not) to park in that space if its vacant, if not find another,which is in fact is what I have done since moving here. I cannot for the life of me see what her point is, can you?
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[*] Post 313298 posted on 23-12-2007 at 11:36 Reply With Quote

This used to be a big headache for me when we lived in a road where parking was often a problem. The fact is, unless there is resident parking in marked bays that require you to have a sticker to park, then , provided you are not causing an obstruction or parking in a no parking area, you can park whereever you can find a space.

We used to have some new houses opposite us with garages. But the residents still used to park on our side of the street. So, I made one of the worst decsions of my life. I decided to pay to have a crossover built, knocked down our front wall and started to park in our front garden.

Jesus what a nightmare that was. I was always worried about being blocked in and frequently geting into argument with people who parked on our crossover.

Funny thing was, my original intention was not to actually use it, but if the people with the garages opposite parked on my dropped curb, I figured I could then justifiably park on theirs.

terrible thing, urban living. And lots of people have more than one car too.

Thankfully, we now live in a wide street where parking is never a problem. We have a proper hard standing and, so far, have never had a problem.

But I have been there and know what its like.

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[*] Post 313299 posted on 23-12-2007 at 11:36 Reply With Quote

If its public parking, open for anyone, then it is not the daughter's space.

If the neighbor complains again, you could phone the police on the spot, get that answer from the officer, and then hand the phone to the neighbor to repeat it to her (from a disinterested authority).

However, I wouldn't expect it to earn you any good will from her. You can make the case that your car needs a space to park in as much as the daughter's car, but it won't promote any close friendship.:(
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