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In memory of Karl Davis, founder of this board, who made his final journey 12th June 2007

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Author: Subject: No thread drift
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[*] Post 312337 posted on 16-12-2007 at 22:30 Reply With Quote
No thread drift

The story by Daz on Random Searches made me think of one of my experiences.

Coming through a small town in a 35 MPH speed zone just after dark, I met a car and as soon as it passed I see something in my lane of the road immediately in front of me. Hammering the brakes, I heard a thump before I got stopped. Throwing the car in park, I walked around back and there was a little shaggy dog laying sprawled out in the road. Just then, the dog owner came running out to check the dog and said she was a goner and he would get a shovel.

His wife was standing on the sidewalk and I walked over to her expressing my sorrow for the fact that I had no chance to stop before hitting the poor thing.

Her husband arrived with the shovel, going to the back of the car and asked "where is she"? We said "I don't know" and looking around, the dog was setting on the sidewalk right next to the wife looking around like "what are you guys doing any way"?

I saw the guy a week later and he said the dog was fine, I must have just knocked her out for a minute or two. It was sure a happier ending than I thought it was going to be when I first see that thing sprawled out in the road.:clap):clap):clap):clap)
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[*] Post 312340 posted on 16-12-2007 at 22:46 Reply With Quote

Sheesh, Delanti. Could be you any more vague in your title?
:jester) :jester)
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[*] Post 312343 posted on 16-12-2007 at 23:16 Reply With Quote

I had a cat run, at full-pelt, into the front wheel of a Kawasaki Z1, that I was riding, at 90 degress from my line of travel. As I sort of weaved to a halt, I expected the cat to be sliced.

He just stood up, had a shake and sauntered off like he was just out for his morning stroll. shocked_yellow
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