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A small "WoOt!", if I may...
Katzy - 21-5-2017 at 16:26


marymary100 - 21-5-2017 at 17:39


My little team is having to go into the playoffs to see if they are relegated.

Katzy - 21-5-2017 at 20:18

The Ackies/Accies, innit?

Didn't you stuff Dundee?

marymary100 - 21-5-2017 at 20:21

The other Dundee...:D

Katzy - 22-5-2017 at 09:56

Ah. The more united one...

Katzy - 28-5-2017 at 20:36

A smile. one would assume, MM?

marymary100 - 28-5-2017 at 20:39

A big cheesy grin!:D

Katzy - 28-5-2017 at 20:51

Funny... after the season we've had, I'm feeling sad, coz we lost the match against Arsenal.

Mind you, Chelsea and Arsenal are like Utd. and City.

They don't mind losing. But, not to each other.

We can lose every other game for a whole season, as long as we beat them.

marymary100 - 28-5-2017 at 21:06

They should have played better, but I'll take what I can from it. They're a wee team though not like your giants.

LSemmens - 29-5-2017 at 01:23

I have a friend down here who is, you might say, a little, pleased. :D:wav):jester)_bandband_1band_1band_1_band_bandhyperhypers_cotsdancingbanana_new.gifcheerieleaderdancing_girl:banana):king):dun) Of course, he won't have a party..........

Yeah! Riiiight!

Katzy - 29-5-2017 at 09:21

Dunno why, but our lot didn't even turn up, for the first half.

Still, our esteemed leader's happy...