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Congratulations on Murray winning at Wimbleton
scholar - 10-7-2016 at 22:22

What a win!

It's the man who plays the best match that wins! Every tournament is a whole new contest.

doffs_cap to Andy

marymary100 - 10-7-2016 at 22:57

Andy played well. All credit to him and his focus this year. He puts it down to getting three night's sleep in a row. :)

the bear - 11-7-2016 at 00:57

Well done Andy, Go for the Triple next year :)

Regards the Bear waveysmiley

LSemmens - 11-7-2016 at 06:33

I'm not surprised that he has won it, he has been a serious contender for a few years so he deserves to receive the accolades.