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Fancy a football flutter - just for the bragging rights?
marymary100 - 6-6-2016 at 20:07


Choose any team. The "winner" will be the one who gets furthest.

Quaver - 8-6-2016 at 07:30

I don't really follow football, but just for bragging rights, Spain:)
And no, I'm not of Spanish descent or have any Spanish relatives/close friends.

LSemmens - 8-6-2016 at 12:56

I don't know who's playing.

Quaver - 8-6-2016 at 14:24

Neither do I, but I picked Spain, just for the bragging rightskewl_glasses

marymary100 - 8-6-2016 at 15:39

I've got Spain on FB. I'll take Germany here.

Quaver - 19-6-2016 at 08:54

From the BBC:


Two-time defending champions Spain progressed to the last 16 of the European Championship with a masterful display against a poor Turkey in Nice.

In the performance of the tournament, Spain became the first team to score more than twice in a Euro 2016 match.


marymary100 - 19-6-2016 at 09:06

Germany 2 played 1 won 1 drawn 0 lost 4 points

Said to be "satisfied" with draw against Poland. You'll never win with that attitude laddie!

Quaver - 19-6-2016 at 09:16

Germany and Poland played out the first goalless draw of Euro 2016:D

Quaver - 2-7-2016 at 11:12

Ooops, just noticed Spain is outlips_sealed

marymary100 - 2-7-2016 at 14:31

Too busy cheering on Wales...

Quaver - 2-7-2016 at 14:32

I've defected to Wales toofootball:

LSemmens - 2-7-2016 at 22:50

You're all defective.......nananana