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Handy guide for Tour De France
marymary100 - 3-7-2014 at 22:45


Nimuae - 4-7-2014 at 06:03

I am sick of TdeF !

York City Council has taken leave of what few wits it had left - all the city flower tubs/beds have been replanted with yellow flowers. There are bright yellow bicycles prominently attached to the city walls and buildings all over town. There is tee shirt shaped yellow bunting and french flags everywhere and some of our main streets now have name signs in french ! Some streets are being closed from today until late on Sunday.

It must have cost untold thousands - and for what? A boring event that will pass through and be heading somewhere else in less than half a day. Total waste of tax payers money!

Nimuae - 4-7-2014 at 18:02

It gets worse - just heard we are to have a 'flying' visit from a Lancaster, Hurricane and Spitfire of the Battle of Britain memorial flight - which may certainly be more worth watching than a load of mad cyclists - but - what have the council done to promote this? Stuck a life size plastic Hurricane on the roof of the Theatre Royal ! It looks like a giant Airfix kit.

Katzy - 4-7-2014 at 18:50

It gets a bit loopy, here, too. They're forever closing the roads, for bike rides, marathons and all that poo. We get trapped in our village, usually.