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It was an absolute THRASHING!
LSemmens - 5-1-2014 at 05:26

nananananananananananananananananananananananana We flogged you 5 - o now give us back our Ashesnananananananananananananananananananananananana

BTW, I'm not gloating.........much!nananana

John Barnes - 5-1-2014 at 13:37

Cricket don't too much for me, it dont float my boat at all, most of the Pommie team are top class twits so gloat away old bean, Charles might have replied but he has flounced and done what the England team should have done and taken their bat and ball back home.

ps- Enjoy the Ashes keep them if you wish they mean nowt to me

John_Little - 5-1-2014 at 14:59

I'm not a cricket fan but it was astonishing. The worst ever, so they say. Amazing. Its a fair cop. But I'm not sure if it means the Australian team were brilliant or our team totally useless.

Katzy - 5-1-2014 at 19:40

From what little I saw, we laid down and begged them to take it.

We're so charitable to our colonies, you know... ;)

waffler - 5-1-2014 at 22:23

Looks like the England cricket have taken a Leaf outta the England Football team roffleroffleroffle

LSemmens - 6-1-2014 at 00:48

I'm not a huge fan either, just thought, I'd take the opportunity to rub it in. I do know that the ozzies have been on a downer over the last few years, so it looks like they might be back! Some parts of the game did actually look "interesting" as I sat with a friend who is a fan so did watch some of it. our next challenge is to flog South Aftrica who are apparently the top of the heap. If we manage that, I think we could say "we're back"!!:)

John_Little - 6-1-2014 at 10:39

When you see it from that point of view, its almost a cause for celebration!

LSemmens - 7-1-2014 at 09:21

But I have not managed to get a rise out of Charles, only JB, bit. ;)

John Barnes - 7-1-2014 at 18:39

Not bit, just answered

Katzy - 7-1-2014 at 22:08

The Ozzies stand more of a chance of winning the World Cup than us, too, One suspects.

LSemmens - 8-1-2014 at 01:06

Just got these by email:
Q. What do you get if you cross the English cricket team with an OXO cube?

A. A laughing stock.

Q What’s the height of optimism?

A: English batsman putting on sunscreen.

Q. What’s the difference between an English batsman and a Formula 1 car?

A. Nothing! If you blink you’ll miss them both.

Q. What do English batsmen and drug addicts have in common?

A. Both spend most of their time wondering where their next score will come from.

Q. What does an English batsman who is playing in The Ashes have in common with Michael Jackson?

A.They both wore gloves for no apparent reason.

Q. What is the difference between Cinderella and the Pommies?

A. Cinderella knew when to leave the ball.

Q. What's the difference between the Pommies and a funeral director?

A. A funeral director isn't going to lose the ashes.

John_Little - 8-1-2014 at 10:30

I'm gonna use them elsewhere and wind up Simon Riverdale. He used to be a regular here for a while but is a big cricket fan.

Katzy - 8-1-2014 at 16:27

At least two of our guys made a good catch.


LSemmens - 9-1-2014 at 03:01

Bloody Fantastic catch! They should both be given man of the match for that one! Well done, Those lads!!!