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When they say "Don't take your eyes off the ball..."
marymary100 - 18-1-2013 at 19:44

this is what they mean.

victor - 18-1-2013 at 23:26

I bet that made him feel good.

LSemmens - 18-1-2013 at 23:56

MU second squad? ;)

Quaver - 19-1-2013 at 08:49


Katzy - 19-1-2013 at 15:40


crikey - 19-1-2013 at 19:28

I think that could be a legitimate save. It looks like a game that has gone to penalties to decide, in which case the fact that the ball spun in AFTER he'd saved the penalty would not count as a goal.

In fact, the goalie looks so damned pleased with himself that I've convinced myself that is the case.

marymary100 - 19-1-2013 at 20:07

I think that is just the irony of the situation that he thinks he saved it then is too self congratulatory so the ball sneaks in - be interesting if it were otherwise.