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marymary100 - 22-10-2010 at 22:32

Wasn't that the lardbutt who sweated and crawled around the pitch in the world cup?

Is that the same player who only scored for MU once all season?

40,000 Manchester-area workers are expected to lose their jobs due to cutbacks. It must be nice to be protected from RL worries because one has such "talent".

Beggars belief...

giron - 22-10-2010 at 22:44

Yes, but he probably spends a fair bit of that on prossies, plus having to buy expensive gifts for his missus when she finds out what he's been up to.

Daz - 22-10-2010 at 22:56

Until either ManU, a**e, Chavs or Lfools actually go bust and go to the wall because the banks won't wait any more, or the rich benefactor finds a new toy, nothing will change...

In fact, a**e are probably unfairly in that list, as they have been pretty well run TBH, and Whinger has done a good job balancing the budget to pay for their stadium, while still managing to compete, pretty much.

It is ridiculous, but TBH, Utd probably had little choice in reality, because I'd suggest without the income they pull from the Rooney effect, they really would be the most likely to succumb to the banks first, and I'd also guess the Glaziers are the most likely to desert the quickest.

SkyTV and Murdoch have done a great job in helping to ruin the beautiful game.

Thankfully, I'm not a plastic, and my team do things the right way, the fair way, so this madness is of no concern to me. (Yet.)

Agents must also take a huge chunk of the blame, as it's their greed and the general underhand tactics, and ability to fool generally stupid footballers into agreeing with these shenanigans.

My team paid precisely nothing to agents last season (or was it this?) and we were one of literally only a handful in all leagues to do so.

giron - 23-10-2010 at 10:34

Originally posted by Daz

SkyTV and Murdoch have done a great job in helping to ruin the beautiful game.

It would be very interesting to see what would happen if Murdoch withdrew his financial support.

Many of the big name clubs seem to be living in cloud cuckoo land as far as their financial situation is concerned.

It's like a house of cards and it wouldn't take much to bring it all down.

LSemmens - 24-10-2010 at 12:53

Actually giron's first point has some merit. If he weren't supporting all those "ladies of the night" and propping up the retailers with all those expensive pressies, the country would have gone down the gurgler years ago.

giron - 24-10-2010 at 12:55

Originally posted by LSemmens
Actually giron's first point has some merit.

In actual fact it's got lots of merit, I read it in the Daily Mail, so it must be true.

finchart - 14-12-2010 at 17:57

did any one mention he also looks like shreck???