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Well done Lewis Hamilton, British F1 Champion.
Daz - 2-11-2008 at 23:25

Won't get a more exciting end to a race, or to a championship than that...!

Well done that man.



LSemmens - 3-11-2008 at 09:33

I agree! Congratulations to him. I didn't stay up and watch the race, but saw the report on the news. Good on him I say! Especially considering there was only one point in it!

Daz - 3-11-2008 at 12:31

If you get chance to see the final lap, or the final two corners even, watch it... ;)

Thank goodness for Timo Glock though, and those wrong tyes...! lips_sealed ;)

LSemmens - 4-11-2008 at 11:12

THey showed the last of the race on the news, so I did see it!