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Who hits harder, rugby or American Football?
Redwolf5150 - 10-9-2008 at 04:17

scientifically proven it's ...

(sorry to those who can't watch videos)


SRD - 10-9-2008 at 07:42

Interesting, hated the vid by the way, but no real surprises. I suspect a fully professional international rugby player would hit harder, if you look carefully this one nearly stops running before the hit as he's trying to find and hit a moving target, the footballer keeps running right through the hit, better training I suspect as well as the benefits of the shoulder padding (which wasn't mentioned in the vid). Also, the footballer seemed a lot bigger than the rugby player. Possibly a longer run up too, although that may not have made much difference to the terminal velocity, I suspect the footballer can run faster overall thus improving his hitting.

But I'm not taking anything away from the footballer, those boys do hit extremely hard. I wonder what the same measurements on the ice hockey, Gaelic and Aussie Rules fields would be?

John_Little - 10-9-2008 at 08:07

I was surprised. I expected it to be football - no question. Mainly that's what the game is about - hitting people. Whereas rugby is more about passing and dodging. Which explains why there are more hits in Rugby.

janet - 10-9-2008 at 08:22

Who hits harder, I don't know.

Who *gets* hit harder? Rugby players - no protective equipment.

YS went to a school that played rubgy - we suggested strongly that as he was a thin, weedy thing at the time, we'd be really happy if he was the waterboy. :}

John_Little - 10-9-2008 at 08:55

Never did me any harm.

janet - 10-9-2008 at 09:24

Ah, but YS is so accident prone, it's ridiculous. Even his physics teacher named him Captain Chaos!