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Dara Torres -- 41-year-old American swimmer
scholar - 17-8-2008 at 02:05

Here is wiki on her.

Here is a NY Times piece.

Here is the unadorned link, in case it needs editing (as sometimes happens)

Look at the length of this remarkable swimmer's career!!

I saw a program on which she said that, at an earlier Olympics, her nick-name among the others was "Grandma." That was 8 years ago!shocked_yellow

She has been doing well so far. This Olympics will give her a chance to get an individual medal (she has previously won on team events i.e. relays).

scholar - 17-8-2008 at 02:11

I just saw the 50 meter race. Steffen got first place, ahead of Torres by 1/100 of a second!shocked_yellowshocked_yellow

So Torres gets the silver.

She looked happy. greengrin

scholar - 17-8-2008 at 02:59

Torres was the anchor swimmer (the final one) in the 400 meter medley. The team came in second, thus winning silver.

I think I heard the announcer say that Torres swam faster in her section than the swimmer who finished and won in the other section. In other words, Torres made up some of the lead, but the swimmers in the previous laps had left her starting too far behind to catch up.

Torres has won an Olympic medal every time she has competed in an event. :D

Not bad. (Is that enough restraint, Katzy?;))

LSemmens - 18-8-2008 at 13:40

I won't mention which team beat her, though Scholar!