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marymary100 - 21-3-2008 at 10:27

No thoughts about small teams being forced out of the big leagues because of inadequate funding?


Daz - 22-3-2008 at 01:06

I have sympathy with the true supporters of Gretna, and they did a good job getting to where they did.

However, this is the problem with football today. The club was never going to survive on gates like that, and remain at the level they wanted to be at.

It's ok these Money Men ploughing cash in, and turning a team round from non league obbscurity to top league contenders, but unless the bloke coughing the money up, has a bank account like Bill Gates, and doesn't care if he never sees a return on his money, this will always happen.

There are numerous accounts of clubs like this doing well and rising up the leagues while the Chariman is happy to bank roll it... But when he starts to reduce his input because the money is drying up, or because his other (money making) business ventures start to suffer, then there is only ever usually one outcome...