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The Landfill Harmonic
LSemmens - 22-9-2016 at 05:10


Nimuae - 22-9-2016 at 05:59

Very clever !

Katzy - 22-9-2016 at 19:53

Kids'll make a noise with anything. ;)

marymary100 - 22-9-2016 at 22:50

Originally posted by marymary100
please watch

LOL - thought it seemed familiar.

LSemmens - 23-9-2016 at 02:02

D'oh, thought I'd seen something similar! Sorry, Mary..........:D

marymary100 - 23-9-2016 at 05:17

2013 - bears repeating

LSemmens - 23-9-2016 at 06:59

Actually I wonder how those kids got on, it would be wonderful to hear that they'd been given opportunities outside their landfill as a result of their efforts.

I actually saw a short video of a group of people from the streets in India who have been given an opportunity to learn to build very good guitars. The have been set up in business and produce some truly exceptional instruments. If I find it, I shall post here.