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Les Miserables
LSemmens - 26-7-2016 at 14:23

I picked up a copy of the 25th Anniversary Concert at out local secondhand shop the other day. Brand new and unopened. All I can say is the person that never watched it, missed out! It was an absolute pleasure to watch, and listen to! The finale (encores) included some of the original cast and also the next generation of stars from various schools. The future of the arts is still looking excellent. Given that it was only a DVD I found myself applauding and standing in appreciation of some of the numbers. I even went back and looked up the Susan Boyle rendition of "I dreamed a dream" to compare. She did do a very good rendition of it and could, possibly, have found place in the cast, just not as Coisette. IYKWIM.

marymary100 - 26-7-2016 at 16:02

She memorises phrasing by rote and has "melt downs" when things don't go her way so a life as one of a cast would not suit her.

The Glums were ridiculed when they first came out but the first time I went to see it in Edinburgh I sobbed and now I am so conditioned that I sob no matter what production it is. We've tried and failed to get permission to put it on at school. When something is on the West End the producers are very protective of their lost ticket sales. I think in this case an amateur production would never stop people to go see the proper show.

LSemmens - 27-7-2016 at 03:28

I agree that amateur productions are unlikely to affect ticket sales, au contraire, I'd suggest that it might encourage some of the "uneducated" masses to actually go and see the show.

As for SuBo , she may not cope, but, that said, years of being "alone" and being suddenly thrust into the spotlight might have been her undoing. According to WIKI she is doing alright for herself and lots of others, so, whether she would be suited to a role in Les Mis or any other stage show is really moot.

BTW it wasn't Coissette that sang it, it was her mum. my.........

marymary100 - 27-7-2016 at 08:37

I knew what you meant. I always imagined Fantine to be very thin and pale as she is a young poor girl abandoned by her rich lover when she falls pregnant.

I was, coincidentally, talking about musicals with about 11 women last night. This one divided opinion. Two of the women there railed about how awful it was but they made up for that later by telling us about when they went with their other sister to a show in Glasgow and their sister went into a dead faint. They had to get her out of the theatre by carrying her but people in their seats still refused to move to let that happen and others gave them a row for making a noise, all the while their sister was unconscious. I found that incredible that a theatre wouldn't have well rehearsed evacuation procedures if someone took unwell.

LSemmens - 27-7-2016 at 12:41

You would think that the staff of such venues would have some form of formal procedure for such events. As for the other patrons, karma........