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Boo Hoo - need a hug !
Nimuae - 6-9-2012 at 19:56

A short while ago - in response to a challenge - I wrote a childrens story which people seemed to think was quite good. Well - I had lunch with a literary agent today - she has approached a couple of publishers for me - and I have been rejected, but at least they sent some constructive feedback:-

1) To have fewer illustrations and to make them full page - at the moment they are two to a page, about 3inches square and set into the text. Apparently this would cause problems for the printer.

2) I had not made it clear enough whether the story was about a flower or the spirit/fairy of the flower.

3) I mentioned a torch - would a spirit/fairy have anything so 20th century as a torch ??!! When did fairies become extinct ?

4) You are all going to love this one ... my syntax and grammar were too perfect ! It was thought that the average 6 year old (my target reader ) would not be able to understand it !! They made suggestions - of course - for example instead of writing "I don't know" I should write "Dunno" !

LOL! Points 1 to 3 I can accept and deal with, but I refuse to dumb down my language skills for anyone. I would rather not publish at all. Good grief, I was reading Dickens and the Brontes when I was 6 years old and the two 6 year olds who, very kindly, read my story had no problems with it - both said that they had enjoyed it. Which planet are these publishers living on?

OK - rant over - someone give me a hug - PLEASE !!

marymary100 - 6-9-2012 at 20:21


It's a shame that modern day publishing seems to be about handcuffs and bad writing rather than fairies with torches and correct syntax.

the bear - 6-9-2012 at 21:50

Big cuddly Bear hug for Nimuae ((((Nimuae)))). :)

Very best regards, the Bear

crikey - 6-9-2012 at 21:52

Originally posted by Nimuae

Which planet are these publishers living on?

OK - rant over - someone give me a hug - PLEASE !!

I believe it is the well-known giant one filled with the gas "Profit and Potential", Nim. Profit coming not just from the sales of the book itself, but the Potential to translate into a film, a comic, and shelves full of toys based on the characters. Of course, if you could work in a bit of discreet bondage, and your fairy was voluptuous ....... they'd probably be breaking your door down to get your signature on a contract!

As for a hug, happy to oblige. {{{{{NIM}}}}} As you can see, I'm facing away from you.

LSemmens - 7-9-2012 at 02:08

What's your problem, Crikey, are you that ugly that you dare not show your face.

I'm with you on all points, Nim. Find another publisher. Question though, is, was the torch electric or one of the old firesticks? For that matter, Fairies often used light bugs anyway.


Nimuae - 7-9-2012 at 04:24

LOL! Thanks everyone.

Leigh - I didn't specify what type of torch it was - just that Poppy put one in her pocket as she set off into the dark, mysterious forest - easy enough to make it powerd by firefly !

Crikey - If you hug while facing away from someone you must be double jointed ! LOL! There are a few things in the story that could be marketable.

I do know one small, independent,printer/ publisher - but I would have to leave out the illustraions all together if they accepted it and, as it is a childrens story, that would not be a good idea. I will certainly keep trying - if it is meant to happen - then it will !