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Nimuae - 21-8-2012 at 20:11

I am not usually a fan of remakes/prequels/sequels etc., but, when I saw this one, "Stagecoach" 1986, mentioned in another, dedicated film, forum I had to investigate and am really glad that I did. As westerns go - it is pretty run of the mill and anyone who has seen the John Wayne/John Ford original will know the story:-

A motley assortment of 6 passengers on a stagecoach journey from Tonto to Lordsburg via Dry Fork, Apache Wells and Lee's Ferry. A drunken Doctor, a prostitute being run out of town, a gambler, a whiskey salesman, a banker/embezzler, and a very pregnant cavalry officer's wife. On the way they pick up 'Ringo' who is wanted for murder. Naturally their journey is fraught with complications not the least of these being attacked by Geronimo and his gang !

The black and white 1939 version was quite hard hitting and clearly emphasized the North/South divide,and the social differences between the prostitute and the officer's wife.

I understand that there was a technicolour remake in 1966 - which starred Bing Crosby and Ann-Margret, but I have not seen that one. From the reviews I haven't missed much, it was not well received.

This one I bought for fun, purely on the strength of this amazing cast list !

Sheriff = Johnny Cash
Ringo = Kris Kristofferson
Whiskey salesman = Anthony Newley
Doc Holiday = Willie Nelson
Gambler = Waylon Jennings
Ike Plummer (bad guy) = David Alan Coe
Dry Fork station keepers = June Carter Cash and John Carter Cash.

It said to me that this was a bunch of friends having fun playing at 'cowboys and indians' and I did not expect much in the way of acting - I was wrong !! It is actually a really good film.

LSemmens - 22-8-2012 at 00:01

Must look out for it.

Nimuae - 22-8-2012 at 05:43

If you like westerns - you will like this one, Leigh. As I said - I was not expecting much - a bunch of C/W singers having fun - so I only bought it for the novelty value but was pleasantly surprised