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Mancheter United, centuries in the future--according to Peter F. Hamilton
scholar - 18-11-2011 at 02:44

I've been reading "Fallen Dragon." There is a point in the novel, set centuries in the future when mankind has colonized other planets, where an enthusiastic fan of Manchester United calls them the most famous team on the planet. Their best set of eleven men play every four days; they also have a second-best eleven and a third-best, each of whom take a day in rotation, so there is some team playing as Manchester United almost every day. If you subscribe to the media feed, you can see the game from the viewpoint of any of the players. The fan aspires to travel to England (from Australia) to see them play, in person.

Who is this fan? He's a cab driver!shocked_yellow drop_down

[pages 388-389]

Do you think a fan anything like that could exist in real life?:D

Katzy - 18-11-2011 at 10:13

Neh. Nobody would really be that mental. ;)

giron - 18-11-2011 at 12:15

Thanks to the advances in medical science which have prolonged the lives of humans, Sir Fergie is still manager of Man U, centuries from now.
This goes to demonstrate that charles was fully justified in supporting the Mighty Reds.

Not only that, charles is also alive and well and is still posting his excellent and totally unbiased match reports, let us all rejoice. :)

LSemmens - 18-11-2011 at 13:20

All things are possible.