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the bear - 9-11-2008 at 05:54

For John Little, as rquested. John I hope you enjoy.
Your Dino rendition was fun, I will read it to my granddaughter, she's into her "Sauruses" at the moment.


At times of sorrow and distress
When I can take no more
I long to be a pure white dove
And through the clouds I'd soar

With silken wings and velvet down
Fragile, yet so free,
I shut my eyes
Oh! How I wish that the dove was me.

I rise into sapphire sky
And see the world below
Where all seems insignificant
As I bask in suns warm glow.

Higher and higher into the clouds
Liquid pearls caress my downy covering
As it shimmers and glints
And my heart wells with happiness

Warm and peaceful and content
Floating on the breeze
No one near to bother me
No one I have to please.

Rainbow arched above me
Emerald sea below
As though the worlds a gift for me
Wrapped in a colourful bow.

Up into the canopy
Of Gods celestial home
Forevermore to sail the air
Beneath this azure dome.

Night approches, jewels on high
Dance thier lights for me
A lofty ballet that has no end
I know where I should be

Oh the joy that wells within me
and I am now at one
With all thats pure of heart
I prayed that this day would come.

I've longed for peace and solitude
I've longed for my pain to end
And finally its far behind me
My broken heart will mend

Yet doves are fragile and so am I
So back to earth I dash
Crashing to earth beneath
Upon the rocks I smash

And as I take my final breath
Do not mourn or cry
For my happiest moments
are the last ones before I die.

Regards the Bear

LSemmens - 9-11-2008 at 11:20

Quite calming, good one, Bear!

John_Little - 9-11-2008 at 13:20

Thank you, Bear.

But how deep should I read into that? Especially the ending?

Was this inspired by your friend?

the bear - 9-11-2008 at 13:47

Originally posted by John_Little
Thank you, Bear.

But how deep should I read into that? Especially the ending?

Was this inspired by your friend?

Nothing specific John, I suppose the mood at the moment was that colour. 2007 and 2008 have seen a lot of sorrowful things for us here in the cave. ( 2009 WILL be better).

My next lyric will hopefully reflect the light. I'm working on a
sonnet for sharing pre Christmas.

Regards the Bear

John_Little - 9-11-2008 at 14:51

I'll look forward to your sonnet and to your change in fortune.

Nimuae - 9-11-2008 at 18:13

I had the radio on as I was reading this, bear, and someone played 'the Last Post' - the two together were quite profound and made me weep!

Your poem is lovely. You have captured the emotion of Sorrow really well without ever becoming mawkish - and that is quite an achievement. Excellent work.

the bear - 10-11-2008 at 05:45

Thank you all for your comments.

Regards the Bear waveysmiley