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Clark Weber's Rock and Roll Radio
scholar - 19-9-2008 at 15:38

This is the title of a book with CD that has been produced, by a man involved in Chicago radio (including WLS) from about 1955-1975. WLS was a major Midwest radio station, broadcasting an AM signal with 50,000 watts of power.

I would suppose Redwolf remembers some of the major personalities, like Larry Loujack and Art Roberts.

I just heard a radio segment with the author. There was a time that the on-air personalities did little except talk. The rules required that a musician had to play any records. An electrician had to work the switches, to turn a microphone on. (Union rules, I would suppose.)

At one time, WLS had 155 employees. Besides all the specialized tasks which required one person each, the station had a live orchestra to play on the radio shows.