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The Path !
Nimuae - 11-9-2008 at 19:37


The early dawn probed, with chill fingers, through the mist and touched his face. His beautiful face. Relaxed into the softness of sleep, his eyelashes, tinged with gold, lay like tiny fans against his cheeks. His perfect lips slightly parted as if smiling in a dream.

She stood, silently watching him, remembering how often they had walked this path through the woods. How many times they had lain, sated with love, in this very spot. The trees had sheltered them from rain, and sun, and prying eyes as they lay entwined and shared their hopes for the future. It was their own special place.

Until yesterday.

She turned and held out her hands to the man standing behind her. The cold, steel, handcuffs snapped shut, and they led her away. He really shouldn’t have brought Joanne here - not here.

Men in white suits collected the severed head and lay it in the body bag with the corpse.

(C) Nimuae 2008.

Quaver - 12-9-2008 at 23:30

Very well written thoughkewl_glasses

Dreamweaver - 12-9-2008 at 23:56

Puts me in mind of "the long and winding road".(song)

You know it's sad, but you need to fill in the bit in the middle.

Thought provoking!.