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Mor Karbasi
SRD - 25-5-2008 at 10:09

We went to see Mor Karbasi last night, sweet girl, with a lovely voice, but I suspect she rules the band with a rod of iron. Good material, much, if not all, her own; mainly her take on Ladino and Flamenco with other mediterranean influences, well, if a little affectedly, performed. She has a super voice which should improve over the years and her handling of the material was excellent. She could do with some advice on her costume though, we saw her before the gig in a lovely, white, peasant blouse and simple, swirly, black skirt, in which she looked fabulous, with more than one mentioning that she looked better than her publicity stills, but the too tight skirt and badly fitting top that exposed her, rather grubby, bra (padded, which was needed to fill the blouse) that she wore in the first half, made her look more like a cheap tart, and the dirty pink, flamenco dress with badly placed artificial roses and ruching gathered in the wrong place that she wore in the second half and which she half-heartedly swirled in a poor imitation of the flamenco dancers that she aped in her style, took away from what was a very good singing performance, she did have a lovely shawl though.
The rest of the band were, at worst, competent and at best very good;
Joe Taylor, on guitar, her writing partner, played pleasant, light-handed, interesting accompaniments interspersed with stronger flamenco influenced stuff.
Andres Ticino is another of the new wave of up and coming percussionists, his playing gelled perfectly with the music and he did some fine solo work.
They also included a guest musician: Pascal Roggen (his myspace profile was undergoing maintenance when I wrote this but the links are there) played a 5 string electric violoncello with aplomb, showing what a fine musician he is, again, his part in the band was spot on and his solos fiery, attacking the instrument with a verve that brought out the best in the music.
The sound was well balanced, if a little too heavy and toppy at first, but the engineer soon settled it down, and Mor Kabasi's microphone technique was superb.

A great evening's music, just a shame that she won't let the songs speak for themselves, they're good enough, as is her singing, and she doesn't need the added theatricality, but I would recommend her to anyone who enjoys the music of the Mediterranean.

LSemmens - 25-5-2008 at 12:16

I'm jealous, Simon, I don't have the time, or the money, at the moment to enjoy the live performances, that you seem to attend quite regularly, Half yer luck!

SRD - 25-5-2008 at 12:27

Originally posted by LSemmens
I'm jealous, Simon, I don't have the time, or the money, at the moment to enjoy the live performances, that you seem to attend quite regularly, Half yer luck!
We've had this discussion before. Yes we are fortunate in many ways, but it also takes lots of planning and sacrifices in other areas, that is our choice, not so much luck as using what we have to the best of our abilities.

LSemmens - 25-5-2008 at 12:51

Yes, I know that we've discussed this before, I wasn't really expecting a response. I was expressing my envy. The nearest "theatre" to us is an hours drive away and the car park is then another ten minutes walk after that. SWMBO is not well enough to go out in the evenings very often, anyway. I know that envy is a sin, I promise, I'll repent, one day!

SRD - 25-5-2008 at 13:02

The concert hall where we saw Mor Karbasi is an hour away.
We have arranged with the management to park in the area where the artists park and gear is unloaded etc.
MrsSRD ensures she has all her proper rests during the day and doesn't overdo it so that she is well enough to travel.
No need to be envious, just get yourself organised.

LSemmens - 25-5-2008 at 13:06

Fairy Snuff! If I can find five minutes, I might just do that!