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Parental Humor AKA 'So Why Isn't This Child Laughing?'
JackInCT - 28-8-2017 at 17:21

Parental Humor AKA 'So Why Isn't This Child Laughing?'

Came across a uTube vid of a compilation of situations where parents thought they were being humorous with their offspring. Not always ended up as 'funny Ha! Ha!' by the child.

The embedded image gets my award for parental humor creativity that struck the wrong cord in this vid.

ID caption: I asked them for an iPad

Me here: whole books have been written on the subject of child 'material possessions' in a conspicious consumption society/world, to include strategies/tactics to deal with, from a parental perspective, insatiable/never ending "demands" as well as the perceived peer pressure role that increase the drive/magnitude of such demands. Next to expression of human sexuality, nothing else tests the parent-child relationship more than the acquisition of, and "denial" of, material possessions.

LSemmens - 29-8-2017 at 02:59

I Love it! My kids would have just groaned, but appreciated the humour.

John_Little - 29-8-2017 at 05:38

Amused me.