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Homelessness - doing hands-on research
marymary100 - 7-8-2017 at 09:56



SALT LAKE CITY — For four months, Salt Lake County Mayor Ben McAdams has kept a secret.
He's shared it with perhaps a handful of people in political circles — but kept it out of headlines, hoping to avoid the perception, he said, of a "publicity stunt in the face of human suffering."

Back in March, just days before he was due by state law to select a third site for a new homeless resource center — a decision he knew would anger thousands of his constituents, regardless of his choice — McAdams left work on a Friday with no money or ID and walked to Salt Lake City's most troubled neighborhood.

Dressed in jeans, sneakers and a hoodie, the county mayor spent three days and two nights walking and sleeping among the homeless and drug-addicted in Salt Lake City's Rio Grande neighborhood.
One night on the street. One night in the shelter.
His experience was "shocking" on multiple levels, he said. And while he by no means meant his experience to be an "expose" on the Road Home shelter, an important stakeholder in homeless services reform, his stay did shed light on some troubling realities within the 1,062-bed shelter...

John_Little - 7-8-2017 at 17:43

Down and out in Paris and Salt Lake City.

LSemmens - 8-8-2017 at 02:28

He's got my vote, Good on him for doing that and trying to keep it low key. It demonstrates a man who is truly committed to his city, and not just the rich and famous. It has given him some valuable insights that he would not otherwise have understood without having experienced them first hand. If only all of our elected members could "pull a stunt" like this without a) making a big noise about it and b) retaining some anonymity it may improve services in the areas that are most in need and ill equipped to get the help so desperately needed. I'm not just referring to homelessness here, but all areas, schools, hospitals, housing etc.