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6 dead, 20 critical in London fire
Nimuae - 14-6-2017 at 14:45

Isn't this tragic - those poor people!


Quaver - 14-6-2017 at 15:12

Wish some emergency ladders/zip lines were installed on each floor.

scholar - 14-6-2017 at 17:39

Link here
I was moved to tears, reading this.

Imagine, throwing your baby from the 9th floor, hoping someone will catch him--and then, you disappear from view into the burning building.

I imagine a prolonged death from fire to be one of the more horrible ways to go.

One of the few good points--at least many of the people had some time to ready themselves to meet God. Some had a chance to say some good-byes to loved ones.

Katzy - 14-6-2017 at 18:53



Katzy - 14-6-2017 at 18:56

Seems May's new chief of staff is likely to get some serious flak, too. This could and should have been avoided.

Go and burn austerity, instead of people. [bad img]http://www.katzy.dsl.pipex.com/Smileys/c004.gif[/bad img]

JackInCT - 14-6-2017 at 19:18

It is indeed an awful tragedy.

I think that it's a safe presumption that the conspiracy theorists are hard 'at work' conjuring up some sort of terrorist activity/event. And it's equally likely that the security forces are also very hard at work looking at whether there were any residents on their various "watch lists".

In fires evidence of arson, other than accelerants, can easily be destroyed. In this event, there is going to be a determined look see as to whether a bomb was being constructed and it went off.

There is little doubt that this event has the potential to be a huge bombshell politically, and socially, if the authorities determine that it was not an accident such as an electrical fire. If that's the case, coming on the heels of the Manchester terrorist attack, the extreme right will make even greater inroads into the political process, and all that goes with that re immigrants and immigration policies.

Katzy - 14-6-2017 at 19:58

They put new cladding on the building, recently.


So that it looked like another building, nearby.

Someone wants a kick up the ar5e.

marymary100 - 14-6-2017 at 20:09

I have merged the threads,

I agree it's tragic.

My daughter was in London all week and it occurred to me this morning I didn't actually know where she had moved to after the weekend. I was really worried that she might have gone for Air BnB instead of a hotel because so many buildings in London sublet for profit.

Sadly I don't need to imagine death by fire as my young cousin burned to death on her first day back to work after her honeymoon. But you already knew that of course.

I am so distressed for those London families. A fireman on our local radio station said it is definitely the cladding and any experienced fire officer would know that watching the footage. Building inspectors around London report this sort of thing all the time but so many poorly written laws have been written by Tories who are the sort of landlords who want to cut down on their own expenses to maximise profit and this results in poor H&S. No-one likes H&S regs until they are saved by it.

scholar - 14-6-2017 at 22:19

Some relatives on Ruby's side of the family were burned to death by a fire set by a disgruntled ex-boyfriend. He set a fire at the bottom of the wooden stairs leading up to the second floor apartment. Two young adults, a young child, and a baby were killed by the fire.:(

LSemmens - 16-6-2017 at 01:57

It certainly is horrific. Reports over here indicate that it was a faulty appliance that started it. Hopefully a definitive answer is found. I lived in a burns unit for a couple of months (long story) I pray that those who did die were overcome by smoke first. A slow death to cancer would be preferable to recovering from severe burns. Just thinking about it has got me one edge again and it was 30 odd years ago.

Badgergirl - 25-6-2017 at 13:42

My Mum and I (along with two other ladies) witnessed the immediate aftermath of a car that had struck a lorry and was a ball of flame.

We couldn't drive past and had to pull into the Car-Park of the pub right next to the scene. Mum was so shaken I had to actually remind her to park as far back as she could (not very far).

Two teenagers died in the car. The sight of that much fire will always shake me from now on. I've been avoiding much footage of the Grenfell Tower fire. It makes me upset and angry in equal measure.

scholar - 26-6-2017 at 00:52

I counseled a lady whose children burned to death in a house fire. She saw them through a window as they perished. Years later, I counseled her as she was in early recovery after years of addiction to crack.:(

LSemmens - 26-6-2017 at 01:57

That, Scholar, would be enough to turn anyone to crack, or drink. We still have our son, and he was "only" burnt by boiling water. It still affects me.

Katzy - 26-6-2017 at 09:41

I have to say that I agree with McDonnell.

This was murder.