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If The Tories get in.
Katzy - 8-6-2017 at 09:37

Imagine what it'll be like, for the disabled and other disadvantaged people.

The people of this country will be saying that they agree with the government. That they not only condone what has been done and will be done. They'll be saying that it's all being done in their name, that they fully endorse what's being done. That killing them off is something the country actually encourages!

I bet the suicide rate goes through the roof...

'course, that's what the Tories actually desire.

marymary100 - 8-6-2017 at 19:05

Maybe if we do the hakka outside the Polling station we'll frighten the nasty folk away?

John_Little - 9-6-2017 at 05:33

Here we go here we go here we go. Here we go here we go here we go oh!

Pick the bones out of that!

Katzy - 9-6-2017 at 09:24

Phew! A coalition of chaos. WOOt! :)

Katzy - 9-6-2017 at 13:21

Funny, the Tories going on about Corbyn having been an IRA sympathiser, then going to what was the UDA to prop them up, innit?

May's toast and she knows it, unless she's as dense as she seems to be.

LSemmens - 10-6-2017 at 05:45

Round and round and round she goes, where she stops, nobody knows.
Interesting times ahead for you lot.

John_Little - 10-6-2017 at 06:33

What with Brexit and Trump, this is a bit of a hat trick. But it could have been worse this time.

Katzy - 10-6-2017 at 10:33

I give her a month, myself. If that.

The vultures are circling...


John_Little - 10-6-2017 at 11:34

Trumps has lasted longer than that!

Katzy - 11-6-2017 at 09:58

Heh... Yanks, ay? ;)