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Computer WAR games
LSemmens - 17-10-2016 at 05:17

How does a computer game replicate the complexity of a Mess like Syria. Quite an interesting article drawing a comparison between RL and the current Warfare games for computers.

Katzy - 17-10-2016 at 09:50

I never got into war games, other than the C&C stuff.

Once you worked out a tactic that worked, the computer never managed to change it's approach and you could usually win. Bigger, ballsier machines might do better, I guess. Depends on the level of AI?

JackInCT - 17-10-2016 at 13:39

War games of one sort or another have been in existence ever since someone decided that it was more humanistic to call 'war-waging' a 'science', i. e., Military Science; if I recall correctly, that was what my college curriculum course listing (way, way back when) called ROTC (Reserve Officer Training Corp) which was mandatory for MEN to graduate (an Army & Air Force branch); that was at a time when the military draft was in effect; it was either a 2 or maybe 4 semester course with a once a week drill of marching in 'close formation'. Talk about sheep to the slaughter.

Nowadays war games are called "Table Top Exercises" (at least some of them); never been to one, but I presume that they are done cause there is the never ending organizational "need" for 'staff training' due to personnel changes such as retirements, newbies coming on board, etc.,. They also serve the real organizational 'need' for personnel evaluation, to include this entity called 'leadership', i. e., the age old problem of getting a disparate group of individuals on the 'same page at the same time', i. e., how to motivate such a group of individuals whose primary instinct is to 'play it safe' and not make a mistake(s) that anyone notices, BUT in the same breadth to roll the dice and gamble in the climb to be 'king of the mountain'.

IMO Table Top exercises are Darwinian endeavors that make, or break, careers, which after all is said and done is basically how to kill as many of 'them' as can be accomplished with the least amount of resources expended as can be done (pretty much like a Sim City program). AND all of this, from the military perspective, has to be done with a political establishment that does NOT have a soul/heart, and even worse has little to no understanding of what is really going on, and really doesn't care to have any of their opinions challenged re workability.

These few paragraphs are my take as to what happened in Vietnam and continue today unabated.