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FYI: South Korea Reveals It Has A (Contingency) Plan To Assassinate Kim Jong Un (North Korean Leader)
JackInCT - 23-9-2016 at 13:43

FYI: South Korea Reveals It Has A (Contingency) Plan To Assassinate Kim Jong Un (North Korean Leader)

I have no idea as to how to verify ANYTHING in this CNN article, to include whether the quotes for the South Korean Defense Minister are accurate (to include translation issues), OR for that matter whether he actually speaks to his country's policy on this matter.

It seems to me that we live, have always lived, and will continue to live in a world where just about any leader in a country with a military thinks that war is the only option. The MAD policy re the use of nukes could just as well be be MAWA (Multually Assured World Annilation), after all once you attack a country with nukes, what do they have to lose re a nuke retalation regardless of world-wide escalation possibilities. Having lived through the Cuban Missile Crisis, anyone who believes that it demoed just how tough the USA can be, also believes that being a superpower gives us god like capabilities, and such fantasies fill the egos of those who are in power-and that mentality goes for a good many other countries. I have always felt that the resident of the USA White House should have their office window overlooking the Arlington National Cemetery (which is exclusively a military cemetery) and be "impressed" by at least two things, (1) there is room for more dead soldiers, & (2) the next time around there may be no one left around to inter the dead soldiers in it.

Seoul (CNN)South Korea has elite troops on standby ready to assassinate Kim Jong Un if the country feels threatened by North Korean nuclear weapons, the country's defense minister revealed this week.

Asked in parliament Wednesday if there was a special forces unit already assembled that could eliminate North Korean leader, Kim Jong Un, Han Min-koo said: "Yes, we do have such a plan. "

"South Korea has a general idea and plan to use precision missile capabilities to target the enemy's facilities in major areas as well as eliminating the enemy's leadership," he added.

It has long been suspected that such a plan was in place but the minister's candid answer surprised some.

"A president would want to have the option," says Daniel Pinkston of Troy University. "... Not presenting that to the president, not training for it and having that capability would be a mistake."

South Korea has intensified its rhetoric against the leadership of North Korea since Pyongyang claimed a successful test of a nuclear warhead on September 9.

Katzy - 23-9-2016 at 21:11

If a North Korean doesn't beat them to it...

Just think, if the Nazis had won WW2, or the USSR had prevailed, all nations might be like that...

LSemmens - 24-9-2016 at 00:48

I would suggest that Britain, the US and even Australia have all considered that possibility for many of the "leaders" who do not appear to be particularly "stable".

Katzy - 24-9-2016 at 09:21

We're becoming a one-party state. Right wing, too, just like the Nazis... confused2